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Quiet comfort for any living space!
If you have been heating and cooling a living space with a noisy, unsightly window or floor unit, we have great news for you! Now you can enjoy the quiet, efficient comfort of a normal heating and air conditioning split system in areas that do not have access to ducting!

Our Phoenix ductless air conditioning solutions use what is referred to as a "mini-split" system. This means that like their big brothers, part of the equipment is located outside, and part of the equipment is located inside. A primary difference is that the indoor air handler is a small, compact unit that can be mounted on a wall, recessed in a ceiling, or even floor mounted. The units are whisper quiet and can also filter air. Plus our Phoenix ductless air conditioning installations offer efficiency ratings that are even higher than full sized systems!

Ductless air conditioning systems can also provide comfort to more than one room, using a single outdoor unit. This is referred to as ductless twinning, and offers room by room control. In fact, some homeowners use ductless systems to zone their home, if they have living areas that are infrequently used - this can save substantially on energy bills during a hot Arizona summer! Our Phoenix ductless air conditioning solutions can also be a heating and cooling system if the ductless outdoor unit is a heat pump instead of an air conditioner.

Call us today at (602) 252-7526 to learn more about our Phoenix ductless air conditioning products. Finally, you can have efficient, reliable comfort for any living space!

"I needed a new AC for my house. My 30 yo unit was failing faster than I could keep it fixed. So I called three local companies:

1) Lowes
2) Home Depot
3) Naughtons

The sales person showed up on time and was friendly and asked the questions I thought should be asked so as to ascertain what would be the best unit for me. They explained the differences and I felt I was able to make an intelligent choice. They were also very price competitive.

I was a little uneasy in that the Lowes rep had actually measured my house and accounted for the windows and skylights and the like. Then showed me systems their computer said would work. I was impressed but Alaskan came up with the same sized unit based on sq' and what had been working for 30 years.

They installed the unit today. They arrived at 8:30 and gone at 1:30. They hauled off the old 4 ton unit along with two old swamp coolers. They also sealed the opening in the roof where one of the swamp coolers had been. The men that did the work were likewise friendly and professional answering questions and cleaning up before they left...

BTW: I Chose Alaskan based on cost, professionalism and product. Lowes was just as professional and friendly but the same comparable system was $3,000 more expensive. The fellow from Naughtons would not even talk to me. Came to the house an hour late, asked two or three questions, never even entered the house. There and gone in 5 minutes tops. I got a call 3 or 4 days later telling me that they had chosen a system for me and gave me a price. Very disappointed." — Paul L. | Tucson, AZ
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Air Conditioning Repair

Let's face it -- cooling repair is not a fun word. In fact just the word "repair", whether it is your mountain bike, car or air conditioner, typically means money down the drain. Most of us don't have an "A/C repair" budget category, but when our hot summers hit, an older system might break down under the load. Alaskan is here to restore cool air to your home or office. We help dull the pain of repair with fast and accurate repair. Don't trust someone learning the ropes -- sometimes homeowners purchase brand new equipment when they don't even need to!
Air conditioning repair Phoenix AZ
air conditioning Phoenix AZ

A/C Installation & Service

One thing Arizona homeowners cannot live without is a reliable, efficient cooling system. When we roll into a steaming hot summer, and lizards are combusting into flames just trying to run across the yard, you'd better have an A/C that can keep working in the heat. For industry best A/C solutions and service, look no further than Alaskan Home Services. We're a NATE certified, BBB accredited company who has been recognized by Rheem as a top dealer nationwide! Call us today to experience better indoor comfort control.
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